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"DeadSquad was formed on August 29, 2006."

This group initially started in February 2006 as a project band which planning to play the songs of some old school metal bands like Slayer, Anthrax, and Sepultura. This band originally consisted of: Stevie (guitarist), the former member of Step Forward; Ricky (guitarist), the member of Seringai; Bonny (bassist), the former member of Tengkorak, and Adyan (drummer), the former member of Siksakubur. Later on, it turned out that Ricky were unable stay on the band because of his works. After having their own music practices for quite some time, the band has become more than just a project band thus decided to produce their own songs. Then in June 2006, Prisa, former member of Zala, joined this band. As a result of mutual agreement, on August 29, 2006, a group named "DEADSQUAD" was formed. After having several attempts in searching for a vocalist, the band put their final preference on Babal (Alexander). Babal officially joined DS in October 2006. In the beginning of 2008, Prisa decided to leave the band.

For a long time, DEADSQUAD continued their concept of having only one guitarist. In October 2008, the band finally found a guitarist who was highly qualified to fill the void. He is Coki Bollemeyer (Netral). In the same month, Daniel (Abolish Conception) joined the latest line up of the band to replace Babal.

On March 9, 2009, DEADSQUAD released their first album with the title HORROR VISION and it immediately received good response from both independent and non-independent community. Series of performances from one stage to another has been done up to now.

DEADSQUAD released their second album on November 3, 2013 with the title "PROFANATIK". This album had been long awaited by their fans that are known by the name "PasukanMati".

On May 3, 2014, the bassist was replaced by Alan (the former member of Jagal, the former member of Hatestroke, the former member of Carnivored, and also the former member of Funeral Inception). Alan was initially recruited as an additional player, but eventually became the permanent member of Deadsquad on May 3, 2015. At this present, Deadsquad still actively performs and in their stated time, Deadsquad is preparing the materials for their third album.

DEADSQUAD will kick your fucking ass !